I Unblock Startup Growth

Rob Kenedi supports entrepreneurs at key inflection points in their growth while bringing his unmatched experience & network to bear for the entrepreneur.

How I Help

Focus Areas

With my comprehensive and unique experience as an operator and advisor, I help unblock growth and support founders with expertise and empathy.
I've done this for 25 years. Actually. In the trenches. No bullshit.


How do you stay resilient?
How do you focus on what's important?
How do you make decisions in the face of uncertainty?


How do I create or optimize my business model?
What are good business metrics and how do I baseline and set goals for me and the team?


How do I scale and scale beyond founder led sales?
How do I create a repeatable system for growth?
How do I think of partnerships & channels?


Where do I focus my product development efforts?
Do I have an MVP and when do I scale beyond it?
How do I manage all the stakeholders & build the right thing?

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Where I Can Help

Startup Stages

Where I Can Help

Early Stage

I've worked with and run both bootstrapped & venture backed early stage startups. Here's where I can help.

  • Coaching: Identifying founders' skills & enabling focus

  • Strategy: Defining & baselining business model, metrics & actions

  • Go-to-Market: Supporting initial customer & channel discovery

  • Product: What is truly the MVP?

Where I Can Help


I've worked with fast moving growth companies and built in the enterprise. Here's where I can help.

  • Coaching: Supporting focus & prioritization as an objective, experienced confidant with actionable, no bullshit next steps

  • Strategy: Assessing, diagnosing, & optimizing business model

  • Go-to-Market: Accelerating growth by improving sales process, supporting complex sales, and building partnerships as channels

  • Product: Metrics-focused prioritization of roadmap & optimizing delivery


"Rob has been an absolute game-changer for our startup. What sets Rob apart is not only his exceptional business acumen but also the genuine connection he forms with founders. Our startup journey simply wouldn't be the same without him."- Daniyal, founder of Tabiat

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